We wanted this to exist so we built it. Some software, some hardware, all leisure. www.objeks.com

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Leisure enhancing app...

A navigation app made for wandering through a city. It should nudge you toward experiences that you like, but feel serendipitous. Over time it could learn your preferences...maybe you like coffee shops, or maybe cigars, or art, or any number of things. I envision an interface that, either visually or audibly, just does the hot or cold game with you that many of us played as kids. I don't want it to show me a route or a path to walk. This is assisted wandering. I look down at the app, see its warmer in one direction than the others and walk that way. As I walk and it goes from warm to hot, maybe I hear music playing and notice a show in a square being put on by street acrobats. I enjoy watching the show, and then as it ends the area starts to cool in the app. It does have a couple of directions, though that show some warmth. I choose one and continue walking. As I'm walking to the warmth I find some street vendors and notice that it is around lunch time. I get some outstanding tacos from a vendor. While I'm eating, I notice that there are some interesting looking sculptures nearby that would be great to check out...If this app were totally successful, you should be able to look back on your day and despite having no plan be able to say that you fully enjoyed yourself and had positive and beautiful experiences that you did not expect.

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Apr 28, 2023Liked by emilia

Would like an app for connecting with leisurely minded people. It would have a bad vibes filter to relegate buzz kills to a loading page, that loads forever to calm them down.

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Would be awesome to have a Poolsuite themed metaverse for 24/7/365 access to leisurely vibes.

This would be a compliment to the https://manordao.com for those of us located in different parts of the world.


• Virtual spaces to work and hang out with other Poolsuite members in a variety of leisurely settings: co-working space, day beach club, tennis club, country club, golf club, restaurants, bars, clubs etc

• Take tours and leisurely joy rides from

a hand-picked selection of summer-enhancing cars

• Art galleries and exhibitions featuring Poolsuite featured artists.

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I loved this weeks' tasting notes! I've been obsessed with working on a passion project that kiiinda combines two of the featured articles (Oaxaca + pantone-esque ASMR) https://www.instagram.com/wallsofoaxaca/

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