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What is Palm Report?
Palm Report is a weekly newsletter by Poolsuite dedicated to exploring and curating “the good life”, both online and offline, unearthing developments old and new.

Through the lens of our weekly cocktail of content, we bring you the very best in leisure, alternative living, music, design, hot products and much more, crafted into a delightful virtual escape.

How frequent is Palm Report?
We dispatch a new issue every week.

Does Palm Report have a paid offering?
Currently, the entirety of Palm Report is free.

Not sure where to start?
Check out our archive of issues.

How can I get involved?
We’ve got big plans on the horizon and we want to involve you, our readers, in the curation process! We will soon be launching new initiatives to contribute to Palm Report but in the meantime, we’d like to solicit your latest leisurely discoveries.

Encounter something that screams The Good Life? Simply send a tweet with your image or link to the @palmreport Twitter account and we’ll do our best to feature your recon.

Who is behind this?
Palm Report is a subsidiary of the internet leisure corporation known as Poolsuite, née Poolside FM.

Want to find us elsewhere?
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